VCAT-I- Integrated Approach

Based on the results of child/adolescent's combined psychological and brain mapping assessments, Dr. Nader creates a VCAT-Treatment Plan tailored specifically to child/adolescent's unique needs. Our program is the most effective and comprehensive therapeutic approach in reversing the chemical imbalance in brain, which is assumed to be one of the main source of mental and behavioral health problems in children and adolescents. VCATTRC provides the most updated mental behavioral assessments, evaluations, and diagnosis including our most integrated neuropathway treatment "Visual Concentration attention Therapy (VCAT)" combined with Neurofeedback (EEG), and in real time brain mapping.

VCAT as a neuropathway therapy interacts directly with the overall brain's functioning system through neurocognitve stimulation within the visual Field (VF) to the brain's malfunction areas (over active, underactive, non-active) to Balance (enhancing and balancing Brain's chemical imbalance and the firing rate of its neurons-brain waves) increase plasticity (creating a healthy mental environment throughout the brain-increasing blood flow-nutrition and oxygen), rejuvenate (new pathways and stronger neurons), and regulating (homeostasis- brain's ability to maintain its new healthy and enhanced neuro-functioning system).