At VCAT-I for brain enhancement and behavioral correction we provide care and programs for children and adolescents 7 through 17 years of age.  

Our programs and classes are offered  as per our evaluations and diagnosis unique to each child to full fill your child's needs and challenges.  

Our classes programs additionally address the following:
Academic issues, social, emotional, behavioral, substance abuse and family relationship issues as well as confidence and self-esteem building classes.


Assessments & Evaluations
       Evaluations typically include initial interviews followed by individual testing. Assessment materials are chosen specifically to address the areas of concern and may include cognitive, behavioral, personality, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological tests as well as our exceptional brain mapping assessment. Brain mapping assessment helps us to objectively identify and address problem areas within the brain functioning system.

Brain Training and Exercising
    Neuropathway therapy facilitates Activation, Coordination, and Balance of Brain's dysfunction regions and neural networks helping struggling children with ADHD, Learning Disability, asperger's syndrome, Depression, and Anxiety disorders as well as many other mental, emotional, behavioral issues.


    Individual and or Group sessions for social-emotional and behavioral correction skills
It will focus on how school-age children develop relationships, manage their emotions, cope with stress and develop social skills
• Self-awareness session increases child ability to recognize his/her emotions and understand the links between emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
• Self-management session improves a child ability to regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
• Social awareness session creates the ability to take other’s perspectives and demonstrate empathy.
• Relationship skills session facilitates ability to build and maintain healthy relationships.
• Responsible decision making session creates the child ability to make good choices about his/her behavior and interactions with others.

*substance abuse prevention and control*

At VCAT-I we believe that substance use disorders is an underlying change in brain circuits and its chemicals that may persist beyond detoxification. For some teens, substance misuse often develops due to an underlying mental health issue. In a desperate quest to find relief, these teens attempt to medicate their own illnesses using the only tools they can find "drugs and/or alcohol." Other teens develop mental illnesses as a result of the brain damage they endure due to drug abuse, but the mental illnesses they have can serve to lock the addictions in place and make it difficult for the teen to stop abusing substances. The problem is complex, and it needs specialized programs for proper recovery. We work closely with teens and their families to develop individualized treatment plans that may include group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectal behavior therapy and most importantly our exceptional Neuropathway Treatment (VCAT) and brain mapping to precisely address your child’s underlying cause of addiction and substance use.

Fun Cognitive Activities
     Projects activities such as drawing, creativity and skill-building classes

                   Progress and improvements are assessed and reviewed every 15 sessions.

Family/Parents Individualized and or in Groups

Emotional and Social Development of Young children

Parental Educational and Informative guidance
Understanding Social-Emotional Development in Your

There is growing evidence that parental understanding of their children’s social-emotional development milestones is associated with better outcomes at home, at school, and in the community. Social-emotional development refers to how children learn to express their feelings, develop relationships, and practice social skills. This class will introduce parents to social-emotional development and its significance for children’s overall development and learning.