About Us

VCAT INSTITUTE (VCAT-I) for brain enhancement is the only center that constitutes extra ordinary programs for children and adolescents who are struggling at school and cognitively and behaviorally are in trouble. Our unique science and research backed programs are personalized for each child accordingly based on our initial assessments and evaluations.
Treatment of developmental disorders including ADHD, and related co-occurring disorders in children and adolescents need to be a combination of subjective and objective treatment approach such as cognitive behavioral therapy and neuropathway therapy (VCAT). The future of mental health in children and adolescents with ADHD and co-occurring challenges is now focuses more into the brain’s functioning system specifically neurons, neurotransmitters (chemical imbalance) and certain brain waves working together to enable the way a child behave mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. In addition to our center's psychological services VCAT-I also provides after school programs which includes brain-neural network exercising, total mind, body, spirit and meditation classes, individual and group counseling classes concentrating on behavioral correction, classes in academic achievement and performance as well as motivational, self-esteem and self-confidence building classes to address your child’s daily school and home-life challenges. Our overall mission at VCAT-I is to reduce and or elimination of your child's negative mental and behavioral symptoms and improvements in academic performance as well as in developing social-emotional skills.